We develop effective messaging and talking points that help people and organizations push back against fossil fuel development and advocate for a clean energy future. Together, we can tell a better story about the end of fossil fuels.


We’re working with the YEARS Project on a video series that pushes back on industry propaganda and tells the truth about fossil fuels. FFM also provides video capacity for grassroots groups fighting fossil fuel projects across the country.


We’re building an influencer network and set of digital tools that can spread the truth about fossil fuels and amplify the voices of people who are fighting for climate justice.

Artist Network

We support a network of artists to work directly with grassroots and frontline organizations who are fighting the fossil fuel industry. We also engage artists in national campaigns to end fossil fuel production.

Journalism Network

We support investigative journalists who are uncovering industry abuses and reporting from the frontlines of the fight to stop fossil fuel projects across the United States.


We support innovative research about how we can end our reliance on fossil fuels and are developing a research library of the best reports and papers on fossil fuels. 


We work with top polling firms and think tanks to show that there is widespread public support for the end of fossil fuels.

Movement Support

We provide communications support for activists and organizations who are taking on the fossil fuel industry. 

Rapid Response

We lead rapid response efforts that seize political opportunities, defend hard-fought wins, and communicate around industry and climate disasters.


We run our own creative communications campaigns to educate the public, pushback on the fossil fuel industry, and fight for a clean energy future.